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Ennio Comin (Treviso, 1928-2011) was an Italian cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer. He began his career with caricatures in the Treviso weekly Il Cagnan in 1949. In the 1950s he made comic stories and illustrations for Il Corriere dello Scolaro and Gli Albi del Vittorioso-Capitan Walter. He oversaw the packaging of products for numerous Venetian companies and lines of images and characters for graphic companies. He was the cartoonist of the Gazzettino di Treviso from 1985 to 2011, creating among others the character of Genty, the parody of the mayor Giancarlo Gentilini, protagonist of strips published in the newspaper. The best works have been collected in the books “Targati Tv” (Misquile publisher, 1992), “Genty di casa nostra” (Castello d'Amore, 1997) and “Anni rugGenty” (Castello d'Amore, 2006).

An aspect of his artistic career little known to the general public was his collaboration that lasted almost 35 years with our company: from his pen more than 500 graphic subjects were born, not only for our classic dry transfer catalog of decorations and architecture but also for the launch of the Very Color line of the 90s, dedicated to DIY artists and creatives.

A 25x35 cm dry transfer from the Very Color Collection.

In 2021, 10 years after Ennio's death, we collaborated with his family, Alessandro and Marisa to organize the celebration of his talent so much loved in our Treviso and beyond.

We therefore made available to our friend and curator of the exhibition Ariel Brandolini (Studio Design - Associati di Mogliano Veneto) a vast selection of dry transfer subjects that were able to testify how multifaceted Ennio's graphic talent was: trees, figures, animals and even a small reinterpretation of the zodiac signs.

The exhibition, hosted in the halls of the beautiful Bailo Museum of Treviso, with the patronage of the City and the Civic Museums, exhibited all the steps in Comin's career, and had great and affectionate feedback from many personalities linked to the Treviso area. and many fans and artists mixed in the rooms to discover this flagship of Italian creativity.

Download the Brochure of the exhibition dedicated to Ennio Comin and discover the history and artistic path of this wonderful Italian artist and cartoonist!

Three days of emotions, events, workshops and experiments: this was the first edition of the Milano Graphic Festival, the new Festival dedicated to Graphic Design, Illustration and Visual Cultures promoted by SIGNS and h +, curated by Francesco Dondina.

We at R41 were present thanks to the wonderful collaboration with IED (European Institute of Design) through the unprecedented "TYPE OUT" workshop, scheduled from 25 to 27 March: an outdoor workshop activity that gave birth to a real and own open-air exhibition of typographic posters, made with our digital fonts, on highly topical issues. Because it is on the street that graphics - the real one - always give their best!

Three days of irony, characters and creativity!

But what exactly was TYPE OUT?

IED students were asked to transform the streets that host the European Institute of Design into open-air exhibitions of typographic posters designed with our recently digitized R41 historical fonts - the Metropol, the Dattilo, the Divulga and all other fonts that have given a strong identity to Italian typography - also thanks to the historic collaboration between R41 with the Nebiolo Foundry of Turin and Aldo Novarese.

Multi-colored posters ready to "change the face" of the neighborhood!

The young IED designers have conceived, produced and printed urban messages on themes such as peace, irony, inclusion and design and then affixed them on the walls of the streets in a patchwork with a deliberately "chaotic" aesthetic, with the aim to communicate how graphic designers can change the look of a place with simple means such as typography and paper even in the digital age.

Hundreds of posters have been posted on the walls around the IED Milan headquarters, ready to intrigue passers-by!

All the posters hanging in the street to transform their identity, were available to anyone who wanted to take one to take it with them, in memory of these days of the Festival spread in the beautiful city of Milan.

An experiment to demonstrate how graphics are increasingly a question of ... "character".

Do you want to discover the graphics created for the Milano Graphic Festival and learn about the history of the IED Designers? Follow us, we will dedicate a post to each of them!

The Designers

Marianna De La Rosa/ Dario Trigiani/ Beatrice Baiardo/ Gaia Argentino/ Josefina Kunz/ Louise Curtil/Teresa Di Somma/ Kristrun Bjorgvindottir/David Campell/ Vittoria Fava/ Juliana Ernst/ Maria Ovcharenko/ Marta Rapastella/Marco Ferrantino/ Efe Tekdemir/ Valentina Cordilani

The Supervisors

Nunzio Mazzaferro/ Elisa Scuderi/ Bob Liuzzo/ Dario Accanti/ Carlotta Cattaneo.

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